Exhaust high pressure centrifugal fan air blower

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Product Description


Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower

Depend on the input mechanical energy, The Centrifugal fan is the machinery what will improve the pressure side by side to send gas. It is a kind of driven fluid machinery. Centrifugal fan air blower is widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships, and the structure of the ventilation, dust and cooling; The ventilation of the boilers and industrial furnaces and induced wind; Air conditioning equipment; Household appliances in cooling and ventilation; Grain drying and submitted; Wind tunnel and become a hovercraft inflatable and propulsion, etc.


Structure composition


Centrifugal fan consists of chassis, main shaft, impeller, bearing transmission mechanism and motor, etc.


Fan shell: Made of steel plate. It can be divided into full open and half open. The half open is easy to facilitate maintenance.

The shell is made by ordinary steel welded  volute casing. The cabinet can be made in two different type: One is cases made whole, it can’t be opened. The other cases is made three open types. In addition to divide the plane into two and a half outside, the upper side along vertical center line again divided into two, use the bolt for connection.


Air inlet:  it can be made as convergence type streamlined structure, To adopt bolt fix it at the fan entrance.

Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower
Impeller: composed of the blade, curve of front coil and after plate. In solitary cone of welding wheel cover and flat roulette, it is 12 pieces pour wing shape blade. All material adopt steel manufacturing. Through the static dynamic balance, the impeller can get the good performance, high efficiency, and stable operation.

Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower

Rotor: It should be made of the dynamic balance and static balance. To ensure the steady running, good performance.


Transmission parts: It is composed of main shaft, bearing box, rolling bearing and belt pulley (or coupling).  The main spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing, driving belt or coupling etc. Spindle made by the high quality steel. One type is: bearing box whole structure, a thermometer in the oil and mark for bearing. The other type is: fan tied for bearing bouse, with a thermometer in bearing house, to adopt bearing grease lubrication for bearing.

Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower



Working principle

Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower

Centrifugal fan is according to the principle of kinetic energy converted to potential energy. To use of high-speed rotation of the impeller speed, The gas will speed up and then slow down. To change the gas flow direction, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy (pressure). In single stage centrifugal fan, the gas from the axial impeller, changed into radial gas flows through the impeller, and then into the diffuser. In the diffuser, gas changed direction of flow and caused slowdown, the deceleration function converts kinetic energy into pressure. The impeller will increase pressure in first. And then, the diffusion process will increase the pressure again. In multistage centrifugal fan, air burning into the next impeller, with reflux device make higher pressure.



Same as the turbine compressor basic, due to the pressure changes small in low gas flow rate, we do not need to consider the change of the gas volume generally. That means the gas will be treated as incompressible fluid.


Specification data


Working Temperature: < 400 degree

Air composition: Clean air, Dusty air, Corrosive gas, Combustible gas


Dust composition: Powder materials, Light particle materials, etc.



Impeller diameter:  800~1600 mm
Speed of mainshaft: 960~2900 rpm

Pressure range:  2705~15425 Pa

Flow range: 3297~63305 m3/h


Blade:  forward blade,  backward curved blade
Impeller: Single Width, Single Inlet, Impeller overhung.
Drivetrain: Coupling drivetrain
Lubrication: Oil bath lubrication
Bearing cooling: Air cooling or Circulating Water cooling

Motor: SIEMENS, ABB, SIMO, motor can be choosed by customer
Impeller: Carbon steel
Impeller cone (Air Inlet): Carbon steel
Case: Carbon steel
Air damper: Carbon steel
Main shaft: High-strength carbon structural steel
Bearing: FAG, SKF, ZWZ, C&U, Bearing can be choosed by customer
Bearing housing: Cast iron

Drivetrain: Coupling

Foundation bolt: Steel


System base frame, Protective screening, Silencer, Inlet & Outlet pipeline compensator, Inlet & Outlet flange, Damper, Electric actuator, Shock isolator, Diaphragm coupling, Fluid coupling, Motor rain cover, Temperature sensor, Vibrating sensor, Soft starter, Inverter, Special Electrical Motor, System monitoring Instrument, Lube system, Overhead lube tank, etc.



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Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower



******************** Industry dust collector centrifugal blower exhaust fan and boiler suction centrifugal fan


Packaging & Shipping

We provide all kinds of standard export packing for cargo protection. The bag filter will be fixed on the container. The filter bag and cages will be fixed in corrugated box and steel framed structure.


Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower

Suction exhaust high pressure fan air blower




Our Services

1. Enquiries quickly reply within 24 hours.


2. After-sales service, rapid response, the engineer installation guide. The feedback problems will be replied within 24 hours. We can arrange professional engineers arrived at equipment location within 48 working hours for problem solved.


3. The dust collector design according to the specific condition of dust removal technology. The wind network project design for all system. To be the optimal structure design.


4. The lowest equipment price whole network in alibaba  Welcome to rate of the price. If our price is higher, we will return twice of our quoted price difference to you. Please prompt before sign the contract with us. Due to our good faith principle.


5. The bag filter equipment over 20 years working life.


6. Associated with equipment spare parts, ensure the replacement parts within 20 years.


7. If accessories stop production or update, to ensure that the replacement parts can be normal use, and keep noticed one year before the spare parts stop production.


8. Ensure easy operation and absolutely no worries about future



Company Information

CNP Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, specializes in the field of air pollution control and bag filter, Including engineering design, planning, consulting, equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning, as well as production and services.


With national environmental design qualification and qualification certificate of foreign contracted projects, as well as certification of the IS09001, IS014001 and IS018001. Now we have become a much respected users-concerned PM2.5 dust control and industrial de-dusting solutions provider. We do contracting business of municipal solid waste incineration flue gas treatment system, electromechanical integration of environmental protection, total contracting capabilities of new technologies.

Since Five years ago, CNP has always regarded as our responsibility as to “Purify the atmosphere and benefit mankind”, adhered to scientific and technological innovation and introduction, digestion and development. So far, we have developed more than 30 sets of series over 400 kinds of specifications of bag filter, successfully undertake and complete total contracting of a variety of types of large, medium-sized dust-removal, desulfurization project.


Achieve an annual output of dust filter area of one million square meters. Products are sold domestically and also exported to nearly 20 countries and regions, including Japan,Korea, Singapore , Australia, USA,Brazil, Russia, Portugal,India, Vietnam , Bangladesh. Products are widely used in metallurgy,boiler,waste incineration , nonferrous metals, building materials, food,light industry, chemical industry, machinery casting,electronics industries and so on.


Based on the high starting point, CNO Co., Ltd., with a positive and upward pioneering spirit, will further create brilliancy as to technological innovation, intellectual property rights and independent brand strategy.


Summary of Information Requested

It is important to us that we find out what is important to you, and offer the most effective solution for your specific dust collector needs.


To accomplish that, we will need to know as much of the following information from you as possible.


How much CFM will be needed for the Baghouse Dust Collector?


What type of material will you be collecting?  and how much dust do you usually dispose of in a day?


What is the bulk density of the material?


Approximately what air velocity (FPM) are you looking for?


Do you have an Air-to-Cloth Ratio in mind?


What is the Air Temperature projected at the inlet duct?


Is the material explosive?  If so, do you need a spark detection system, explosion vent, or sprinkler system?


How many pick-up points will there be?


What is the static pressure you are projecting for the system?


Are you wanting us to supply the Inlet Duct, Pick-Up Hoods, Installation, or Fan?


Do you want a Rotary Valve or Double Dump Valve, and is a screw conveyor required?


What are the height and size requirements, if applicable?


Do you have a specific filter bag material and construction that you are looking for?

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