Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

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Product Description

e Dust filter bag for Industry

INTRODUCTIONEasy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter


Filter cartridge is a kind of common dust catching device. The characteristic is: high capture rate, small resistance, easy to into the flue, etc. They are widely used for particulate matter, food and beverage industry lampblack, asphalt smoke pollutants such as sampling, chromium acid fog, acid mist.


According to the material, it can be divided into glass fibre filter cylinder and corundum filter cartridge, daily application is the most widely glass fibre filter cylinder. Glass fibre filter cylinder made of super fine glass fiber to 0.5 mu m above dust capture rate can reach more than 99.9%. But due to the production process, some cartridge quality problems, affects the efficiency of capture, in gas monitoring, the sampling error analysis on monitoring results is greater than the influence.


Structure and application

The structure of the filter cartridge, it often has the top cover, metal framework, folded filter material and base parts, etc. Filter cartridge is calculating the length of the filter material folded into fold, fore and aft adhesive to drum. The drum internal is supported by metal frame. The cartridge upper and lower fixed with cover and base. It has two types: one kind is inside and outside protected with galvanized steel plate; Another is the outer wall without galvanized steel plate protection, it is easy to dedusting.



The specifications of the commonly used diameter of the filter cartridge is 120-350mm, length is 660 – 2000mm. Please see the data as following:


Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

Filter cartridge characteristic


The performance of the filter material include: physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties and filtration performance. For these performance, it takes physico-chemical properties of the fiber in filter, and the organizational structure of the filter material and manufacturing process, etc.




1.  Physical and chemical property


After the selection of filter bag material and determine the specifications of the filter bag, we will process the filter bag as following attention matters:

(1)  Quality. Quality generally called heavy cloth, it refers to the quality of area of filter material (g/to2). Due to the material and the structure of the filter material is the most intuitive to reflect on the quality, so the quality key to filter material performance is the most basic and the most important indicator.

(2)  Thickness. Thickness is one of the physical properties. It is more influence on the permeability of filter material, wear resistance, etc.


(3) Density and heat resistance of heat-resistant.


(4) Electrostatic resistance. Gas movement or sit grain collision will make some filter material charged. The influence of the process is two aspects. One side is opposite charges attract. the dust particles from the air to the electric fungus instead of filter material movement, too big wide filtration efficiency. Adverse – surface electrostatic and cutting force is not necessarily at the end of the filter section disappear, make clear ash is difficult. In addition, due to the charged dust accumulation, higher static voltage, with ginger produced an explosion caused by spark. We keep the strict processing quality standards, according to design drawings and operation process. Our worker meet the requirements of tooling and clothing shoes and hats, no smoking.

Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

(5) Hygroscopicity, flame resistance and corrosion resistance.
(6) Dimensional stability.  Dimensional stability is refers to the filter material of warp and weft rate. It changed porosity of filter material, the filtering efficiency and resistance are affected. Sometimes, it even affect the normal operation of dust collector. Therefore, the filter material rate is as small as possible.
(7) Rigidity. It include tensile strength and breaking strength. We have the responsible for the processing of products, and examines, waste, residue, defective goods in the beginning.
2. Filtration Performance
The efficiency of the filter material, resistance and ventilation rate, dust content quantity, service life, etc. The are collectively referred to as filtration performance.
(1)  Filtration efficiency. Filter efficiency of filter material related to the filter material structure. It also depends on the dust layer formed on the filter material. From the structure of filter material, the short fiber is more higher filtration efficiency than long fiber. From the perspective of the formation of the dust layer, the thin filter material dust layer are destroyed, efficiency to reduce a lot, and thick filter material ash removal after still can keep part of the dust in the filter material. Generally, without the filter material burst, The all can achieve the highest efficiency (above 99.0%). So, as long as the design parameters properly selected, dust removal effect of cartridge filter should no problem.
(2)  Dust load quantity. It is also called the dust load. To refer achieve a given resistance value per unit area on the filter material of dust deposition quantity (kg/m2). The filtration material influence the resistance of the soot cleaning cycle. In order to avoid frequent ash removal and extend the life of the filter cartridge, we need to require filter material bigger.
 Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter
(3) Air  permeability rate and resistance. Air permeability rate is refers under certain pressure difference, the gas through the filter matierl as per unit area. The resistance of the filter material is directly related to air permeability rate. As calibration volume of constant pressure difference, the value is not the same. Japan and United States take 127 pa. Sweden take 100 pa, Germany take 200 pa. So, choose breathable rate, it needs to consider the differential pressure in the experiment. Air permeability rate depends on the type and fiber fineness and fiber weaving method, etc. In Sweden, filament fiber filter material permeability rate is 200 ~ 800 m3 / Cm2 • h. The short silk fiber filter material of the ventilation rate was 300 ~ 1000m3/Cm2h, felt filter material permeability rate is 400 ~ 800 m3 /  Cm2h.
Air permeability rate generally refers to clean filter material permeability rate. After the filter cloth product with dust, the air permeability rate to decrease. According to the properties of dust, the general permeability rate is only 20% ~ 40 % of starting rate (clean filter material when the venting rate). The air permeability rate reduced, the dust removal efficiency increasted, resistance force is increased greatly.
(4) The life of the filter material. The life of the filter material is the normal conditions of use filter material life. It is determined by the quality of the filter material (material, method of weaving, post-treatment processing, etc.) and the using conditions (temperature, humidity, dust, ash removal mode, etc.) factors. Under the same conditions, the good dedusting process design can also be used to extend the service life of filter material.
3.   The material of filter cartridge
Filter cartridge with filter material has four types: synthetic fiber nonwoven filter material, paper filter material, and the two kinds of filter material with membrane filter material. The characteristics of the filter cartridge material is: it has the strict requirements of stiffness. This is the special requirement of this filter material.
Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

Working occasions

In industry dust collection

Power Stations
Filtered dust
Flue ash, discharging flue ash
Coal dust
Building and Construction 
Cement, furnace dust, gypsum, limestone, finely ground quartz,
Calcium hydroxide, lead monoxide, quicklime, acid crystals,
Pure clay, phosphates, magnesite concentrate, finely ground
fluorid, production of aluminum
Chemical Industry 
Thomas meal (Fertilizer)
Rubber compounds, sinter dust, catalysts
Sodium sulfate
Soap powder


In machinery top:

Silos / Tanks 
Discharging systems
Warehouse units
Mixing equipment
Homogenizing systems
Chute Bottoms 
Conveyor systems
Ventilator systems
Aeration systems
Powder Coating Machinery 
Bottoms for sinter basin

Easy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filterEasy maintain industrial pleated filter bag cartridge filter

st Filter bag for High temperature cement industry dust collection waterproof application

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