High quality filtration fabric for dust filter bag material

High quality filtration fabric for dust filter bag material

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Product Description


high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector


Dust filteration needled felt is used nonwoven needle-punched process to make fiber staggered, space distribution uniform fine fiber cloth.  With the heat setting, singeing, or coating on the surface treatment, it makes the needle felt surface smooth, and not easy to be blocked by dust. The filter material porosity and air permeability is good. The application of the felt is very extensive, strong resistance to chemical stability.  It can filter namal temperature gas, and the gas with acid and alkali corrosive, and oil filter, etc.


Filtration needle felt characteristic & processing


The filtration needle felt characteristic:

1. The fiber in Filtration needle felt has the three-dimensional structure. This structure is conducive to form the dust layer, dust collection effect stable. The efficiency is higher than general fabric filter material


2.  Porosity is as high as 70-80%, it is 1.6 to 2.0 times of the average woven filter material. Good air permeability, low resistance


3.  The production process is simple, easy to monitor and ensure product quality stability


4.  High production speed high, High Labor productivity, Low cost

The production processing are as following: 

1. Raw material adjustable and  fiber opened

2. Carding and Fluffing fiber

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector

3. Needle processing and felt finished

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector

4. After treatment, hot setting, Calendering,  PTFE dipping and coating, etc.

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector

Chemical treatment of neelde felt 

Firing pressure to deal with Pressure burning imported equipment 

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector

Media needled mat treated with an ordinary one-sided and double-sided pressure Singeing and unparalleled light processing advantages, both to improve the cleaning performance of the media, but also to satisfy the collection of fine dust.



Certain dust concentration in a particular state will occur when the burning sparks. So wish to use explosive dust handling needled mat antistatic filter media. Anti-static filter media is the conductive fiber is mixed with fibers (including the dual conductive fiber, graphite and stainless steel conductive fiber filament conductive fiber), so that the whole media has conductive properties.

Excellent hydrolysis and chemical property resistance the industrial filtration needle felt

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collectorAnti -water and oil treatment ..

Needled mat media on the use of fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated waterproof and oil processing deal with dust on the wet gases (particularly absorbent, dust deliquescence) bag dust trapping more of the surface to prevent and mitigate the paste bag phenomenon.


Deal with cleaning

Produced using patented technology needled mat easy cleaning and breathable dense filter media itself, have good cleaning performance, and can be filtered at the higher wind speeds to work long hours.


PTFE film processing

When the dust particle size is less than 1 micron, or dust is very viscous, or with a larger gas humidity, the general can not effectively filter media. To PTFE film-based media with very high filtering precision.


high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector


All kinds of Filtration needle felt Brief introduction: 

Polyester Needle Punched Felt

Polyester needle punched felt is made from ployester fabric by needle punch, and treat with singeing, calendering stereotypes process. This material has good friction resostamce, highporosity, good twist resietance, good air permeability. It is a kind of wildly applied normal temperature filter material.


PTFE Membrane Needle Punched Felt

PTFE membime felt is a kind of filter material, which is coated with polytetrafuorcethylene E-PTFE) membrane on its surface. The surface of PTFE membrane felt is smooth and anti-chemistry. It can stop dusts getting into inner; and surface filter can be realized. Compared with normal filter material, PTFE membrane felt has higher peel strength and air permeability, lower pressure drop, and efficiently prevents ultrafine dust measured in microns. Filtration efficiency is up to 99.99%.


Fiberglass /PPS Compound Felt

This product is made from non-alkali fiberglass mix PPS fiber. PPS fiber has good anti -alkali, anti-oxidation and good wearing resistace performance. So the compound felt can working at 190 °C, and short-term 240 °C. Applied in coal, fried power plant, waste incineration coal burning boilers industry for sulfur-containing fule gas cleaning.


Fiberglass /Aramid Compound Felt

This product is made from non-alkali fiberglass mix with Aramid fiber. Aramid fiber has high temperature resistance,anti-corrosing performance. The compound felt’s operation temperature is 220°C , short-term 240°C,applied in steel cement, coal fiied power plant industry for flue gas cleaning.


PPS Needle Punched Felt

PPS needle punched felt is a kind of filter material which made by PPS fiber in 3D needle punch method, Opreation temperature is aroud 190°C and have long service life. PPS fiber also named as polyphenglen sulfide. It is very stayable because of it’s symmetrical, rigid backbone chain. PPS used for sulfur-containing flue gas cleaning such as coal-fired power plant, coal-buring boilers industry,etc.


Aramid Needle Punched Felt

Aramid (known as aranatic polyamide fiber),long-term operation temperature is 204°C, instant 240°C is fine, excellent anti-alkai, anti-acid is fair, aramid is a great material for treat 180°C-220°C gas. Arainid needle punched felt wildy appied in steel, cement, power plant, clemical industry,etc.


P84 Needle Punched Felt

P84 needle punched felt is made by P84 fiber in 3D needle punch method. P84 fiber (polyimide fibers) is good at high temperature resistance, even can be use at 260°C. P84 fiber irregular leaf-shaped section, that improve filting and anti-oxidation. It wildly applied in cement,coal burning boiler, concrete mixing waste incineration Industry,ect.

PTFE Needle Punched Felt

PTFE needle punched is kind of fitler material made by PTFE in 3D needle punch method. PTFE(polytetrafluore thene) has high molecular weight, compound consisting wholly of coubon and fluorine, so PTFE is very non-reactive, anti-corrosing, good wearing-resistance, great high temperature resistance, wildly applied in steel,Power plant, waste incineration industry.


Fiberglass/P84 Compound Felt

This filter material made from fiberglass mix with P84 fiber. P84 good at high temperature resistance also have anti-hydrolysis and anti-oxidation performance. The fiber section is leaf-shape which improve filtering effective. P84 compound felt works at 260 °C , has great wearing resistance, great twist resistance and great anti-corrosing performance. Applied in steel, cement, casting, waste incineration, coal fried power plant industry, etc.


Fiberglass/PTFE Compound Felt

This compound felt is made from fiberglass mix with PTFE fiber. PTFE has excellent corroding resistance performance, Because of it’s special construction. Applied in steel power plant waste incineration, asphalt industry for variety flue gas.


Anti-static Needle Punched Felt

It is a normal temperature anti-static electricity filter material special conductible fiber been added into the polyester fabric, that will prevent accumulation of charge then the felt could anti-static electricity. This product applied in coal dust, chemical dust, high concentration flammable and explosive dust flue gas filtering. There are two types of the product,Bar shape and hybrid.


Oil & Water Repellent Needle Punched Felt

This polyester felt is made based on normal polyester felt, treated by special waterproof process make the felt has good oil &water resistance performance. The product applied for heavy humidity, oily flue gas cleaning. It prevent dew better and not easy to wet bag. Prolong the service life of filter bag effectively.

Acrylic Needle Punched Felt

Acrylic felt (polyacrylonitrile copomopolymer), has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance. Recommended maximum continuous working temperature is. J25°C, and maximum surge temperature is 150°C . It can be widely used in complexly chemical working conditions, of dust treatments and recycling.


The filtration needle felt nature performance

high quality cement polyester silo bag filters for dust collector


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