Welding fume dust collector / granite polishing mobile extractor

Welding fume dust collector / granite polishing mobile extractor

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Portable air filter welding fume extractor

CNX Series mobile welding smoke purifier adopts high efficiency filter cartridges as filter element. The filter cartridges choose filter material is different from conventional filter material, the surface with a layer of PTFE membrane.


Traditional filter material (such as cotton, cotton satin, paper and other traditional cellulose fiber) faserriss is between 5 ~ 60 um,  when the smoke through the soot dust particles will enter inside the filter material and block filter element. When the blockage is deteriorating and couldn’t effectively clear ash filter element,  the air resistance will rise,the gas flow will also fall. If there is no dedust, the filter effects will decline rapidly.


But our filter adopts the surface with a layer of PTFE membrane filter material, its tiny mesh can block most of submicron dust particles. Submicron dust particles on the surface of filter material together block dust layer, most of the dust particles will be blocked on the external surface of the filter material. It could not enter inside the filter material, under the purging of compressed air can effectively remove in time.


The filter material has very high filtration efficiency, compared with traditional filter material at least 3 ~ 5 times above; And the service life is 2 times higher than traditional filter material.


Usage Occasion


It can suit for welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process such as smoke, dust purification,  recycling of rare metals, precious materials, etc., It can purify large amounts of suspended in harmful small metallic particles in the air to human body. It has high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use, small floor area, etc. It is suitable for arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, MAG welding, carbon arc air gouging welding, gas cutting, special melting welding such as flue gas workplaces.
welding fume dust collector for granite mobile welding fume

Structural components


The main parts include: universal aspiration arm, high temperature resistant vacuum hose, suction hood (with air volume control valve), warfare, flame retardant high efficiency filter resistance, the pulse counter blowing device, pulse electromagnetic valve, pressure differential gauge, clean room, activated carbon filters, heavy ash drawer combination with the brakes, flame retardant, sound-absorbing cotton, castor, fan, ABB motor and electric cabinet, etc.


The working principle



Through centrifugal fan, the welding smoke come into exhaust inlet. The universal dust hood sets the flame arrester. The spark will be blocked by flame arrester. Smoke gas into the sedimentation chamber, The coarse dust fall directly to ash hopper, fine dust particles by filter capture outer surface, clean gas go to the clean room after filter filtration purification. Clean air filter and the activated carbon adsorption further after purification and then outlet discharge.


Equipment advantage



1.  A special imported ABB turbo fan and motor, use prevent motor burn out against overload circuits, high safety, stable work performance.


2.  USES the built-in PLC centralized control mode, simple structure, easy operation.


3.  Pulse type automatic dust discharge: adopts the comprehensive automatic rotating counter blowing ash removal, further thoroughly, clean filter surface dust. It can always keep dust collector constant air volume absorption. At the bottom of the air compressor parts, it has high pressure hose connection. It can guarantee the purifier always in good working condition. (According to user requirements , we can design it as automatic or manual control)


4.  Filter cartridge adopts the imported materials, Long service life. It can absorb dust particles, 0.3 microns. It is good filtering effect for wet and sticky dust.


5.  The optional activity of universal arm can be move 360 degrees. It can suck the flue gas from the flue gas occurs, greatly improving the rate of dust collection, protect the health of workers.


6.  Purifier internal against fire hazards and slag adopted three big grain protective measures, make the service life of the purifier is longer, more safe and reliable.


7.  Clean air from the outlet grille direction even guide and dispersion, thus reduce the noise to the minimum.


8.  With the brakes with dedicated new universal casters, convenient move and positioning of the equipment.


9.  Photoelectric control open, shut down, high efficiency and energy saving, cantilever mask with illumination device (optional).


10.Purifier material stable performance, easy to change.



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