Boiler burner power plant dust removal equipment, dust collector

Boiler burner power plant dust removal equipment, dust collector


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Long bag pulse jet offline dust collector project




CNMC type bag dust collector is a medium size offline gas tank dust sucking machine and mainly apply to the high dust concentration and large air volume application.And this type is used to clean dust from building materials production such as wooding, sanding, stone, cement, concrete, tile and glass.Adopt to the chambers cleaning .One of chambers is being cleaned while other chambers doing filtration working.

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CNMC series pulse bag filter /dust sucking machine are composed by the upper box, middle box, hopper box and ladder, platform, storage tanks, pulse valve, screw conveyor, discharge valve, electrical control cabinet, air compressor, filter bag, filter cages, etc. All parts are made according to the national standards and customer’s requirement.

Blowing system: the spray pipe, pulse valve, PLC controller, according to the nature of dust and working environment reasonably adjust the soot cleaning cycle and pulse injection time.
Ash hopper and ash discharge part,motor, reducer, screw conveyor, unloading, etc.


Our design standards of dust sucking machine follows:

① Meet the shipping standard of export containers.

② Ensure maximum assembly product design.The purpose is: when the product arrive at the destination, the guests can be the most convenient for assembly.

③ Can make a complete set of equipment flange connection, convenient installation and disassembly.Reduce customer’s welding workload.

④ Promise that the designed product’s pressure resistance is greater than the maximum working pressure of the negative pressure fan in order to prevent product damage due to excessive fan pressure.

Packing & Delivery

Package standardize of dust sucking machine
1.Wrap moisture-proof film to prevent dampness abrasion during transportation.
2.Electronic components are packed in wooden cases or be fixed for shipment
3.When products are boxed in container, use foot bolts for fixing
4.Accessories products with carton or woven bag packaging
5.Carton packaging control products and mark shipping directions
6.Electrical products will be fixed or wrapped cotton packaging.
7.The integral device without splitting shall be fixed with wooden strips nailed at the corners of the box

We promise well-designed drawing and punctual shipping.

Our Company

Our features of dust sucking machine

Our company Century New Power specialize in the line of dust collector for 20 years.

1.Offer the most professional consultation and design.
2.Arrange production based on customers’ requirements in all aspects.In the process of production, real-time dynamic can be sent at any time, making it convenient for guests to understand the schedule.
3.Attach regard to the spirit of contract. Once a promise is made, it will be realized. Specific performance:strictly punctual shipment .
For each set of products we sell, each design has been carefully considered by the experts after analyzing the details of customer needs .


Field visiting will be highly welcomed.

Q & A


(1) Q: If we do not know the required conditions of dust removal, we only know that our factory needs to conduct dust removal at present. In this case, how does your company deal with it?

A: It may be difficult to reply email directly to you about how to design your de-dusting equipment. But please communicate with us firstly. If you need industrial dust removal, we have the most professional expert design and sales team. Through the information exchange in the scope of your known information, you can be guaranteed that ,we can fully realize the understanding of your factory conditions and design the machinery which meets your requirements.

(2) Q: There are multiple dust source points in the workshop, and the overall dust removal system needs to be designed. Due to the long distance between us, if no factory filed visit, is the design reliable?

A: Totally reliable. The premise is that you need to provide us with accurate drawings of the factory workshop, the coordinate position of each set of equipment and dust source location as well. After confirming the position of the drawing and the height of the pipe. We can guarantee that our production design will be in full proportion with the your final determined drawings.

(3) Q: Can supervision & installation service and warranty period be provided during the equipment installation and test stage?

A: We can dispatch relevant engineers to the site to supervise the work.The guests only need to bear the necessary travel expenses.

Warranty period: for all products purchased from us, including wearing parts, we provide a one-year warranty. The date shall commence from the 30th day after the date of the bill of lading.

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