Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector

Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector

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DMC pulse bag filter introduction

Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector

DMC pulse bag filter is a kind of small and medium-sized pulse jet dust collector. Reasonable structure design to realize efficient dust removal and small resistance running. To adopt pulse blowing dust, soot cleaning effect is better. The advantage is reliable operation, easy maintenance and management. This kind of bag filter always widely used in cement, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other industries of dust gas purification and material recycling. DMC pulse bag dust catcher are composed by the filter chamber housing, clean air chamber enclosure, filter bag and filter cage, pulse injection device, ash hopper, screw conveyor and discharger, etc.


Structure Composition


DMC series pulse bag filter are composed by the upper box, middle box, hopper box and ladder, platform, storage tanks, pulse valve, screw conveyor, discharge valve, electrical control cabinet, air compressor, filter bag, filter cages, etc. All parts are made according to the national standards and customer’s requirement.
  • Blowing system: the spray pipe, pulse valve, venturi, PLC controller, according to the nature of dust and working environment reasonably adjust the soot cleaning cycle and pulse injection time.
  • Ash hopper and ash discharge part: motor, reducer, screw conveyer, unloader, etc.


Working principle


Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector


Sales Performance


As the best-selling brand of small size dust collector of our company,  DMC pulse bag dust collector has  the device of the quantity of goods more than 500 units so far this year 2015.


Which is used for cement plant library, belt corridor for 83 units;


used in mining, building materials industries of the crusher, belt conveyor unloading point for 75 units;


used in complete set of packaging machine for 120 sets


used in chemical industry of small vibrating sieve for 65 sets;


used in sieve drum filter, mechanical machining, grinding machine, sandblasting room and other industries for 150 sets;


DMC pulse bag dust collector is favored by many industrial customer friends. The main reason is the reasonable structural design, reliable performance, easy maintenance and management.


As an example: In 2010 year, we provide DMC – 183 type bag dust collector for AL Haribiaha cement plant, since the installation run till now, operation is very stable, soot cleaning effect is very good!



Performance Parameter


DMC pulse jet bag filter technical parameters:
Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector
Due to the different industries, the GMC pulse bag filter has the different applicable conditions. Please be sure to tell us about your needs, we are very happy to provide surveying and design for you by free, to achieve the best and safety solution of dust collection. Cement industry plant dust pollution control the dust collector pulse vibration bag filter


Details of our business operation


We will beginning our service upon received your dust collection requirement. According to your detailed requirement, we will design the dust collector to suit for your circumstance.


In another words, for every customer, we will customized the equipment for every differenct circumstance application.

Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector

As usual, according to the detailed dust collection circumstance Analysis, we can assure our equipment building material the mostly suitable (matching) for application. So that, One set of equipment can be used for more than 10 – 20 years. Even more, under good maintaice, It can support for 30 years operation.

Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector



Working Occasion


Please see the following working circumstance. For more other detailed application not appear in the following picture , please be sure to send us e-mail with your questions. We will try our best to answer them for you. Hope that we can give you more professional suggestion for reference.


Industrial price filter bag cement plant dust collectorIndustrial price filter bag cement plant dust collector

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