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Cyclone Collectors

Clk-proliferation cyclone dust collector, apply to capture dry the fibrous granular dust, the main characteristic is a tube body is on the contrary cone, thus reducing the since the dongshen gas output to the center to short-circuit the possibility, and equipped with conical reflector screen

CLT/A Type Cyclone dust collectors ( It has the bin in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)


TXP type dust collector, it is the one of new model cyclone dust collector which is based on various of cyclone dust collectors. To adopt the highest optimize of the dust collector structure. The bin is made by ceramics bin construction element. It is ensuring the wear-resistant. That not only assure the working life, but also the decreased of steel usage, reduce the equipment cost and maintenance cost.
Cyclone Collectors are often employed as an Initial Stage Collector to lighten heavy dusts loads before being sent to a Primary Stage Fabric Collector.



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