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Impeller feeder

Impeller feeder applicable to metal, coal industry feeding system. Through the feeder make the silo materials uniform discharge to the belt conveyor form proper thickness and width of material layer.

Impeller feeder composed of five, feeding machine to the flanges and the silo hopper export flange connection, and the material from the mouth to the bunker out to the machine to hopper, when the gate after open material through the discharge tube to belt out, the belt movement will material to the next process. To sit on the feeding a hopper, hopper and discharge in between the cylinder ram, disc drive by ball screw, ball screw through the wire mother and return the electric devices connected, when motor start are turning, ball screw forward, disc forward movement feeding mouth open; Otherwise, the disc backward motion, feeding mouth closed.

Often used for dust removal system as the one of the important equipment dust removal system, it is especially applicable to dust, small particle materials, by the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, cement, building roads, drying equipment industry engineering project select.

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