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Submerged pulse valve

Submerged type electromagnetic pulse valve: The valve body submerged in the intake air bags, direct control of the diaphragm valve by electrical signals.

Technical data:

Working pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.6MPa,
The environment temperature:-10 ~ 65 (℃),
Medium: clean air,
Voltage: DC24V, AC220V
Current: 800 mA / 60 mA
Air relative humidity is no more than 85%
Diaphragm life: 2-3 years or, injection of 1 million or more.

Working principle:

The electromagnetic pulse valve diaphragm into before and after two of the gas chamber, when switching compressed air, compressed air through the orifice of the gas chamber after entering, and at the time of the gas chamber pressure after the valve diaphragm components will close to losing exports, electromagnetic pulse valve is in "off" status.

Pulse injection control instrument signal that the electromagnetic pulse valve bit back, after the gas chamber put stomatal open, and the gas chamber pressure loss after quickly, diaphragm components moved, compressed air through the valve lose export injection, electromagnetic pulse valve in the "open" state

Pulse injection control instrument signal disappears, electromagnetic pulse valve bit reset, and the gas chamber after put stomatal closure, the gas chamber pressure after that close to the valve diaphragm component output, electromagnetic pulse valve and in "off" status.

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