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Right angle pulse valve

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Right Angle type electromagnetic pulse valve: body import and export right angles, direct control of the diaphragm valve by electrical signals

The electromagnetic valve (also called the diaphragm electromagnetic valve) is pulse bag filter out dust blowing system of compressed air "switch" injection control instrument by pulse output signal of the control of the filter bag one row (room) injection out dust, make the resistance of the filter to keep within the range of the set, in order to ensure that the filter processing power and dust collecting efficiency.

Technical data:

Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa,
The environment temperature:-10 ~ 65 (℃),
Medium: clean air,
Current: 800 mA / 60 mA
Air relative humidity is no more than 85%
Diaphragm life: 2-3 years or, injection of 1 million or more.

Install method:

Electromagnetic pulse valve input (IN), and store on is connected to the metal, the output terminal and dedust box spray wind connection, connection between threads are filled with four fluorine ethylene with raw tighten seal.

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