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Electromagnetism pulse valve

Pulse electromagnetic valve is also called the diaphragm valve. It is pulse bag filter out dust blowing system of compressed air "switch", the pulse injection control meter output signal of the control of the filter bag one row (room) injection out dust and make the resistance of the filter to keep within the range of the set, in order to ensure that the filter processing power and dust collecting efficiency.

Pulse valve: refers to by the electromagnetic or pneumatic pilot valve control, can in sudden opening and closing high pressure source of diaphragm valve produced pulse.

Electromagnetic pulse valve:
refers to electromagnetic valve will, pilot valve and pulse valve together, direct control of the diaphragm valve by electrical signals.

Working principle:

The electromagnetic valve body through a wire coil input positive pulse signal, the cause and flux of the work, make the move core suck close, open the valve.

When the pulse signal input stop positive, move core release, moving core in the spring under the action of forces back to the initial condition, close the valve there is another type of since keep, stop input pulse or when the power is also can maintain, need to enter negative pulse signal to reset; Pulse electromagnetic valve working principle is to use the electric pulses into mechanical pulsing makes a powerful energy pulsing gas into momentum in a short time with tremendous momentum "release the interval of the pulse of PLC control should be according to the rated gas pressure recovery time to determine.


General installation by circuit or shock absorber in the Backpressure Circuit, in the accelerator-the transmission and lower gear moment or in the lock clutch the lock and remove lock up the action starts to decline pressure, in order to reduce shift the lock and unlock impact, which equipment run more balance.
Straight-through type electromagnetic pulse valve: body import and export into 180 degrees, by electrical signals directly control of the diaphragm valve
Submerged type electromagnetic pulse valve: The valve body submerged in the intake air bags, direct control of the diaphragm valve by electrical signals.
Right Angle type electromagnetic pulse valve: body import and export right angles, direct control of the diaphragm valve by electrical signals



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