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Needle corrugated belt

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1. Our products are applied to many kinds of corrugated cardboard producing lines. It is an indispensable part to transport and dry the cardboards.

 Since we use stronger material of polyester, the tensile strength of the belts is 1.5 times than those similar ones. Above all, friction of the belts is stronger, no slipping, no enlargement and shrinking, no side skid.

2. Connections of the belts are invisible. There are no periodic impressions of belt connection on the paperboards. There are many units in each 300mm of the connection hook, so that hooks can not drop off.

3. The belts can tolerate 240℃ high temperature .Hence they are the best supplements to replace those previous ones. (When manufacturing finishes, please let the machine keep on going for more than 10 minutes without paperboards).

4. Our company adopts advanced technique and materials in high quality. As a result, the geometrical dimensions of our belts are perfect stable.

5. The hole rate of our belt are high. So, the air permeability has been improved. It is good for drying the paper board and spares the Primary energy consumption.

6. Through high temperature treatment, the belts are increased smooth and friction force on surface. The belt surfaces make the paper board smoother.

Needle Type Corrugator belt Technique Parameter

Tested items


Standard Data

Fact Test










Air permeability

Cm3/(Cm2·min @ Kpa)



Kinetic Friction




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