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Draught fan

BB24, BB50 cement kiln high temperature fan

BB24, BB50 series preheater high temperature fan, used for cement of cement XuanYao waste gas processing in for nissan 300-8000 tons of cement production line supporting. The two series of products with advanced design, compact structure,

Sintering centrifugal blower

SJ sintering centrifugal blowers sintering equipment is one of the main equipment. In recent years, the sintering equipment becoming larger, the fan is then toward large-scale, large capacity and high wind pressure development.

Gas blower

Gas is mainly used for the coal gas transportation blower, pressure and so on purpose. In coke oven gas, of converter gas, calcium carbide flue gas industry wide use. Gas blower has single stage, multi stage, growth and so on many kinds of form, bearing a rolling bearing, sliding bearing.

Boiler centrifugal fan

The fan is in order to use changes in the industrial boiler operation, induced draft fan can work at high efficiency zone, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving design.

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