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Multi-cyclone working principle

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The more dust cyclone working principle: it and other dust cyclone completely different, its different points is, it fully use the small diameter cyclone dust the characteristics of high efficiency, through the permutation and combination, effectively improve the handling of the dust cyclone ability, for the industrial production application optimization of the whole function.

Dust cyclone is the increased the secondary air dust cyclone, the working principle of air in the filter is when the internal rotates with secondary air strengthen is purged rotating gas, in order to improve the effect of dust removal. There are two ways to realize such a spiral, and put dust into the ash hopper. The first method is through the shell surrounding the separate and horizontal line into 30 to 40 degree Angle of vent conveying secondary gas.

The second way is by a ring of blades with tilt inclined current in secondary gas transmission, DaXuan gas purification. From the view of economic, can use dust-contained gas as second airflow. In the purified gases need to pass the cooling of the cases, sometimes can make use of outdoor air and make it walk. Vortex of filters technology parameters and ordinary whirlwind close, at present, in the mine, the factory intake dust began to use, has a good momentum.

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